Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where is my mule?

The latest adventures of the Shy Monster include learning how do untie a wide variety of knots. Shy has never been a patient mule. She doesn't like to be tied up and required to stand still. She likes to move about. I would tie Shy up with the traditional equine quick release knots but as soon as I'd turn my back on her she would quickly untie her self and wander off to graze in some inviting spot.

Soon I was using the lock in the knot trick by flipping that last section of rope back through a loop. Well that didn't work to well either. She got learned how to manipulate that out and continued to untie herself. I've tried many different knots over the years, but so far all have been untied. So for years now the Shy monster has been tied up with a bull snap on one end and a quick release hardware on the the other end like this type of ties. 
Safety Cross Tie Nylon, Black 

I wanted to take Shy Monster to NATRC trail competitions, but according since she will not stay tied in accordance with their rules, Those plans were abandoned in favor of AERC endurance competitions because they did not have the same rules for tying to a trailer.  Here is the Shy Monster on one of our training rides.


  1. What a smartie! keep telleing her stories please ,I am lovin it

  2. Shy Monster would fit in just right with my Jack!
    He can untie and unhook things too.

    I love the picture.
    Thanks for the visit and comment. I hope your snow is finished for now.
    I don't get to see much snow(in a very long time)down this way.

    Have a great day. Stay warm.

  3. We will return to the Shy Monster adventures soon. I'm trying to get a video of her opening the gate, but she is busy ignoring me at the moment.