Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crocheting for the local Arts and Crafts Fair

For the past few years I've been giving my family crocheted and knitted gifts for Birthdays and Christmas. So this year after Christmas, my younger sister tells me " I think you should crochet a bunch of stuff and sell it at a booth at the local arts and crafts fair in December". So here I am thinking of all the quick and easy crochet items that might sell easily at the fair. So far my list includes things like:

Hand warmers
pot holders
crochet dish clothes and sponges
and a few shawls that are quick and easy
Maybe a set of place mats
and those jar lid covers that look so cute on top of home made canned jellies.
I also have a pattern for little covers for the round handles on lids like crock pot lids etc

I did tell my sister that If I was going to get a booth at the fair she would HAVE to come over and put out her art work . She is a really awesome artist even though she doesn't think so. So if she agrees to share a booth at the fair, I'll get busy crocheting items to sell. But for now I have to crochet a quick toe blanket that will cover up Keith battered and bruised up left foot in his hospital shoe so he can start going back to work. He hasn't been able to get a sock over his toe since he broke it on Saturday so he asked me to make him a foot blanket.

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