Sunday, January 10, 2010

How the "Monster" got her name

The "Monster's" official name is B & S Shy Ann. The "B" stands for Bill and the "S" stands for Sandy. My mom and her partner who created B & S Livestock and registered their mules and donkeys with the B&S prefix. That B&S prefix however does create it's own conversation piece.
The Shy Ann part came about as a long standing joke due to Shy's own personality. 

As Shy was growing up she and her mother were placed in the pasture with the other donkeys and mares and all the other foals. My mom would take prospective buyers out to inspect the herds and that is where the little miss began showing off her personality and her mule attitude. This little mule believed with all her heart that SHE needed to be the total center of attention. So every time anyone stepped into that pasture, the "Monster" would make sure to come up and get her fair share of petting and scratching. She believed her fair share was ALL of it. So if an individual turned away from her to check out another foal or donkey or mare, Shy would nudge them in the back.  Very soon my mom would introduce her as "our little Shy Ann" every time she butted her little head in to get petted.  That name stuck and became her registered name.

As for how she the nickname "Monster" well that one developed over much time.  Some of the stunts she pulled when she was with me at Ft. Huachuca, Az when I was in the Army were the beginnings of the development of her nickname. Sixteen years of stunts are better left for the additional chronicles of the "Monster Muley".

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