Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NAIS and Horse owners!

ALL horse owners who got a Coggins test in the past year have AUTOMATICALLY been enrolled in NAIS even without their permission or maybe even without their knowledge. The USDA has gone a head with the ruling that required all animals getting particular blood tests to be enrolled and their owners get a PIN even if they didn't want one. There was a recent article in "The Western Shooting Horse" magazine titled a "Global Solution to Health Certs" that discusses NAIS as positive and needed. And one paragraph goes like this.

"if you have had a Coggins test done in the past year you are already required to have a PIN. If you have not applied for one, the USDA will assign one to your address."

A PIN if you don't already know stands for "Premise ID Number"  A PIN is the number for the property where you keep your horse. So that means if you keep your horse at home, your property ahs been identified by the Federal Government as a place where livestock is kept. Once a property receives a PIN, The USDA has no way to delete that from their system even if animals are no longer kept there.
As defined but the USDA:
Premises registration is an effort to identify all the locations in the United States where livestock and/or poultry are raised or housed.

Mandatory NAIS is here and lurking in the background. How many people have been enrolled against their will in the past year? How many people even know about it?  Do you even care that you as horse owners are being forced into a program  that is labeled  "Voluntary"?

If you don't know much about NAIS or want to read more check out the following websites and blogs:

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