Monday, January 4, 2010

Marshmallow Fluff at Altitude

Marshmallow Fluff, 1 lb - 6 Unit Pack Keith loves his "fluff"and especially fluffanutter sandwiches, so we routinely get shipments of marshmallow fluff from MA. But the problems is that the stuff is always packed at sea level.  We however live at about 7200 ft in elevation.If you don't already know,  Fluff EXPLODES at elevation.  

Above on the left side, you see what a new jar of fluff is supposed to look like. Below is what Fluff looks like even with tops heavily taped up when shipped to a much higher elevation.

And if you don't know A fluffanutter Sandwich in Keith's eyes consists of Peanut butter, concord grape jelly and Fluff.  I Just haven't gotten used to the idea of marshmallow in my Peanut butter sandwiches.


  1. that is jusy t funny (I guess not to you ) I never tried the stuff , nor thought about it expanding at altitude . Who knew?
    Also do you have more photos of your horse?

  2. I am not so fond of the Fluff either, but it's one of Keith's favorite foods so we always have some in the house.