Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vet bills and Dr. Bills!!! What a Way to start the New Year!

Well Baby Girl has managed to do something to her knee and I can't figure out what she's done. There is no outer evidence of an injury, no obvious wounds or punctures. She just has alot of swelling in her knee. Since she's just turning three and really shouldn't have any problems.  I've hosed her leg and wrapped the knee but that hasn't done much to help. So If she's not better by Monday we will be off the the vet. Have to wait until Monday because getting a vet on a Sunday is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We live to far in the boonies in the first place and not enough vets either.

As for the Dr. bills, Keith smushed his toe. He probably broke it, but he's being Manly at the moment and refusing to get it checked out. We will have to see how he feels tomorrow.  He was out moving and filling up horse water tanks and managed to flip an almost 300 lb chunk of ice onto his foot. It mainly landed on is big toe and it sure looks bad, all black and blue and the toe nail bleeding. I'm sure the toe nail is going to fall off.  So lets see if I end up hauling him over to the ER tomorrow.


  1. Jeez o whiz! They say things come in threes....let's hope not!
    I hope it's just a little strain for Baby Girl and just some bruising for your hubby. Doesn';t sounds good, though. gah!
    Why is it that injuries always seem to happen on the weekend when drs/vets aren't available and if they can, they charge an arm and leg to treat patients.

    My little dog likes to hang out in the stall with my horse....well, she used to. Now she's too wary. On Saturday morning, my horse accidentally stepped on my dog's toe. I thought for sure it was broken with the way my dog squealed and then limped around shaking from fear.

    But an hour later she was running and jumping like nothing had happened. whew!
    I hope she remembers this forever and is more careful around horses from now on.


  2. Keith is laid up at home with a definately broken toe. He broke one single bone in like 3 or 4 places. So I'm stuck doing all the feeding and watering and horse care for the next few weeks. That means we are going to to have to watch baby girl for a few days until I can get a day off from work to get baby girl to the vet. But since sh was running and bucking and playing today I can see she's not hurting to bad.