Saturday, January 9, 2010

A "Monster" is born

It happened on May 3, 1993. A pretty little black and white grade pinto pony mare had a baby who would grow up to become known as "Monster". The baby was planned so that long ears were to surprise to either the mare or her owner. The mare known as Daisy was almost big enough to be called a horse but not quite. Daisy had some other beautiful babies before the "Monster" was born and would have others after. The "Monster" however would make a great impression on those who saw her (well mainly me).

My mom was "Monster's" breeder. She owned Daisy and choose the jack that would complete this cross. From the moment I say this baby know known as "Monster" I knew she would be mine for along time. I mean how can you resist this? (Sorry some of these photos are fuzzy, they didn't scan well and are now quite old)

Now in 2010 this "Monster" has been hanging out in my pasture since she was weaned. And she has many more stories to tell about her life of harassing me. Stay Tuned for more of the life and times of "Monster Muley".