Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Equine Bucket List

I found this list on a neat blog called the Rocky Mountain Yankee and she had this list on her blog that has been borrowed around different blogs So I'm adding my bucket list also: The original list will be in red and my answers in green

The movie "The Bucket List" follows two terminally ill men (played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who embark on a journey with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.” Here’s our equestrian version of a bucket list—25 ultimate things to experience in a lifetime as a horse lover.

What's on your equestrian bucket list?
1. Gallop along the beach.  Actually not on my list But I do want to ride the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada
2. Win a blue ribbon, even if it’s for the egg and spoon race! I've done that already but I would like to win a Mounted shooting competition.
3. Enjoy an evening of equestrian theater, from major touring productions such as Cavalia to local performance troupes. Also seen those events.
4. Try your hand at cattle work. Find out what it means when they say a horse is “cowy.”  It's quite an experience and well worth it!
5. Jump! From crossrails to cross-country obstacles, experience the thrill of soaring over fences. I've done trail jumping but not competition and I'm not that fond of jumping for competition.
6. Fall off and get right back on again. Conquering fear is empowering. Yes been there done that to many times to count.
7. See the majestic white Lipizzan stallions of the Spanish Riding School. I've already seen them here in the USA several times. My dream is to go to the Vienna and do the entire tour of the stables and see the performance AT the Spanish Riding school.
8. Come to a sliding stop on a well-trained reining horse. Not on a well trained reining horse, but an awesome cutting horse.
9. Take a lesson with your equestrian idol, _________ (you fill in the blank.) I just don't know there are so many to choose from I can't decide.
10. Nurse a horse through a crisis and back to full health. I used to work as a vet tech and I've spent countless days waling that colicy horse or hosing off severe wounds.
11. Experience the smooth ride of a gaited horse. Peruvian Paso, Walker, Fox trotter, Saddle bred and a beautiful shuffleing Appaloosa
12. Watch the horses come through the Head of the Lake on cross-country day at the Rolex Three-Day Event. Haven't done that but would be awesome to see.
13. Have the courage to do the right thing for your horse, even when it’s not easy. Rest in Peace old Man, It's not so easy to say good bye some times.
 14. Attend the Kentucky Derby dressed to the nines—including hat! Move this one to the top of the list I really, really, really, want to go to the derby!
15. Tackle a trail accessible only by horseback and enjoy the view. Yes that is so cool to do. Great places to ride where no one else can really get to.
16. Take your dream vacation on horseback. That would be to tour Ireland in a Gypsy Caravan, it would be AWESOME!
17. Master the sitting trot. Yea that would be nice
18. Ride a fine-tuned horse in your discipline of choice, be it dressage schoolmaster or barrel champ. Yes done that
19. Watch polo. Even better, try your hand at it! Never got to play, But I worked as a groom for a player and exercised the polo ponies and attended matches.
20. Feed, muck, groom, ride. Repeat daily. Routine stuff here.
21. Wake up to a whinny every morning. My girls are to quiet they don't whinny much, I miss the old man he would always let me know he was waiting.
22. Fly down the track on a Thoroughbred. Or a running QH or a racing Arab. I was lucky enough to attend Louisiana Tech U. At the time when their horse racing equine program was going strong and I had chances to ride a beautiful Arab named SGF Count Orzel and a few QH and TB racers.
23. Meet one of your favorite famous horses in person. Go Man Go and Easy Jet were both standing at stud in my hometown when I was a kid and I got to see both.
24. Ride bareback, bridleless ... or both! Thank God for good horses like Hobo that let crazy kids do things like this.
25. Share a bond with your horse that’s deeper than words.Thank God for good horses like Hobo. I miss you old man!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Which ones have you already done? Which ones would you love to do? And what's on your personal bucket list that isn't listed above?


  1. That's a very cool list. A lot of the things I've done, hi point on my barrel racer/pleasure Appy, rode bareback & bridleless, swam in river, but lots to still do.

    Can I use it on my blog?

  2. Yea it is a neat list. And yes you can borrow it for your blog also. The blog I got it from borrowed it from a different blog as well.

  3. Hey, that's me, I'm Rocky Mountain Yankee! So glad you enjoyed the list. I need to go back and reread it, I had forgotten that I had done that list. I found your blog by accident but I am enjoying reading it and love your horses, they are beautiful!