Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crochet and Knit Projects

I found this really cool pattern for Crochet Dish sponges and I've been busy working on making a few for the house. They make up really fast and the best part of all is they are more re-useable then those sponges you buy at the stores. I've also been working on a pair of crochet socks. I just started those so they may take a while longer to finish.
I've got a one skein ribbon yarn knit scarf also about half done. I don't like knitting as much as crocheting so it always takes me longer to do a knit project. This one in particular I've frogged three times already because I've messed it up. I ended us switching to a smaller size needle because I seem to have a problem holding those larger ones. I made quite a few gifts for christmas presents, but I still have quite a large stash of yarn that I need to find a few more neat stash buster projects to trim down my stash.


  1. Very pretty and useful, too. My kind of project. I've not been knitting much this winter and I haven't even done any spinning at all.
    Maybe with the holidays over now I'll get back into it.


  2. The crochet sponges are really quick and easy to make. The first one took me the longest because I had to read the directions. After that I skipped the directions because it was so easy.