Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Friday

This was the view from my back porch this morning. I don't care what else happens today. This Friday is still going to be FABULOUS!  We usually get a large selection of Mule Deer, but this is the first time in the entire 12 years we have lived here that Elk have graced our little farm area. The snow must be pretty deep further up the mountain for them to come down to our area.

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  1. Kewl! We don't get elk visitors here, their preference is 2 miles south but lots of deer and our resident cow moose. Miss Moosey has lived in our hay yard over the winter for 4 years now. We also get "stranger" moose once the snow gets really deep. They don't make a mess of the hay like the elk do and we don't mind feeding them.