Friday, January 22, 2010

Anna's Top Dun

When I saw this adorable baby girl I never even thought about how big she would get. I spend years looking for a quality, well bred good looking, registered Appaloosa that specifically carried the dun genes. This baby girl was the first one I found. I'm a shorty and I really like smaller horses, but as time went by Topper just got bigger. 
Yearling photo below

Two year old year

And her 5 year old year standing next to the 6 ft tall tie wall. 

She is so tall now that when I put my tiny little saddle on her, my stirrups are about the level of my neck. Do you know how hard it is to put your foot almost up to your neck just to get on a horse? I've had to resort to mounting blocks. Topper has mostly become Keith's horse to ride because he's taller then I and she's more his size.  

Her registered name is Anna's Top Dun, but she's known here as Topper, Dufus, Danger Prone Daphne or "The Money Pit".  She is a really nice horse with a good disposition when ever she's not injured, which is at least once a year if not more. I just wish she was shorter. Keith is hoping she will become his Mounted shooting horse, but we need to keep her healthy for at least one full year so that we can continue to ride her and practice. 


  1. Good looking mare! I agree shorter is better too .Used to be that I liked 'em 15.3+ but as I get older my bum seems to be getting closer to the ground!

  2. She is stunning! And, yeh after my knee injury I must find a horse shorter, even though I'm almost 6 feet tall. My mare was 15.3, but she was still too tall. I'll still have to use something to help me mount a shorter horse, but at least I will be able to mount. lol!


  3. Topper is my favorite of all. I prefer big horses..she needs to grow even more! 16+ hands is the way I like them...:-) Course that's all my tack will fit. After Sunny I had to get everything EXTRA large..she is pretty.