Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well what a way to start 2011 It got down to minus 20 last night and even with the water running we have frozen a pipe somewhere. The cold water still runs, but the hot water isn't working. Sure good thing we haven't planned on going anywhere this morning. We spend the day trying to find the right pipe to unfreeze and as of right now still no luck. We at least have water just cold water so we can boil some up for warm water for baths and stuff. but I hope that pipe unfreezes soon. It did get above freezing here today, but the hot water tank and pipes are on the north side of the house so I'm sure it didn't get very warm over there.

The horses are doing well in spite of the cold weather. We have a water tank heater out there for warm water and they have plenty of hay to eat.


  1. not fun!!! Stay warm ansd I hope you get things thawed soon.I obviously missed something her , you changed your name? I like it

  2. Frozen pipes are no fun, been there - hope you find it and get it thawed. Glad your horses are doing well. Happy (warmer) New Year!