Sunday, January 23, 2011


About a week ago now I went out to feed and saw Poor Ladybug with her eye almost swollen shut and excessively draining.  She managed somehow during the day to either bump her eye or get something in it that scratched her cornea. 

In horses there are certain injuries that I'll easily treat without getting a veterinary opinion. Eye injuries are NOT one of those things. I do keep antibiotic eye ointment on hand all the time for those cases when something happens and I'm not able to get in to see a vet right away such as on a weekend when the vet is out of town, but I ALWAYS have the vet look at eye injuries as soon as they possibly can. 

This is what it looked like just before I loaded her up in the horse trailer to take her to the vet. 

We had to flush her eye and stained it with the fluorescein stain to see exactly where the problem was located at. She had a small corneal ulcer up there in that bluish area of her eye. We caught it really early so it has been healing quite well. We are still putting in an antibiotic eye ointment but after just one week you can't even really tell that there was a problem. Her eye now looks like this. 

The blue color is gone, the weeping eye is gone and she's feeling much better. I think one more week of the antibiotic eye ointment and we should be good.  Since we were already at the vet, I had him go a head and pull the new coggins test for 2011 so now Ladybug is good to go hauling around to all the competitions I want to go to all year long. 


  1. I agree 100% you jsut don't mss with eye injuries!Glad you were able to get it sorted out

  2. Glad you caught it and got her treated right away. Looks like it's healing up well.

  3. Whew! I'm glad it wasn't too serious and you managed to catch it early.
    Now, you're both ready to compete! :)