Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Operation horse trailer in progress

One of my New years goals was to replace my 2 horse Bumper pull horse trailer with a gooseneck that has a dressing or living quarters in the front.  Well I have found a nice gooseneck that is suitable as the replacement.

It has a nice dressing area and that white box on the top is the AC/Heater unit that can be run from a generator or an electric extension cord. The plexiglass in the horse area is removable for times when you need better air flow.

So I have my old trailer for sale.  It's a 1988 Hale and is an open sided stock type trailer not fully enclosed.  Floor has been replaced and is in good shape. I also have a 1/4 inch thick floor mat for it.  Totally rewired with new lights and light covers. Also wired for light in the interior if you have one of those night blind appaloosas that needs a little help in the dark. Totally repainted but does have some minor body damage that won't affect anything. It does NOT have a center divider and it has a stock horse back door. I normally use it to haul only one horse or a mare and foal at a time. I don't normally pull two adults in there unless they are small. Title is clean and it has permanent NM plates so once you transfer the title (in NM) you won't have to pay to re register it again. The title says it was silver or gray, but it really was mostly pealed paint and surface rust so we sanded and repainted it hunter green and black with a white interior and white roof. We also replaced the little plexi glass windows as well.

It has a lot of DOT approved reflective stickers and can be seen from all 4 sides in the dark when you shine a light on it.  I'll be posting photos later today. But If you are interested it is located in Thoreau, NM and I'm asking $2000 slighly negotiable.

I'd be willing to haul it to locations within about 150-200 mile radius so that includes locations like NE AZ, SW Colorado, or SE Utah If you know anyone in those areas.

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  1. Looks like a nice trailer, well kept. We are looking to buy a new(to us ) trailer this year as well.Hoping for an aluminum if we can find the right one