Friday, December 19, 2014

New House Part 2

Here are some of the other things we've done in the new house. I wanted light in the master bathroom, but didn't want the fully exposed window or curtains. The house came with mini blinds through out the house including the master bath, but I don't like those and will be working on replacing them as we go along.  For the bath though, I thought it would look cool with some stained glass window treatments. So I was shopping at Amazon again and found this. 

I wasn't sure how it would look and I didn't want to buy too much of it so I only go one and it fit one side of the bathroom window quite well. So now I'm off to get a second one for the other side of the window. Then I'll have light an privacy and when I want to look out the window, all I have to do is open it.  This is how the window looks with just the blinds.

Then we put up the stained glass film. I've left the blinds up for now because until we get the second side done, we still need a little privacy. But I think it looks really cool.

We also had an old dresser that came from Keith's family in Massachusetts that was being stored out in the shed because we didn't have room for it in the old house. 
It needed a little restoration work because that top was not the original. It was supposed to have a marble top to it. We took it down to a local woodworker who glued some parts back together and found us a granite top to put on it.
We had planned on using it in the guest bedroom, but once we found the other furniture for the room, it became obvious that the dresser just wouldn't fit in with the other decor.
We also didn't have any type of TV stand or entertainment center so we decided to move the dresser to the living room and re purposed it as the entertainment center. The drawers work very well to hide the DVD's we have been re acquiring, and right now there is also room to store some of the extra pillows and throws that I use to help keep warm.

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