Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trying to find replacement dishes.

I used to have all Blue Willow dinnerware in the old house, but since I'm forced to start over, I wanted something different. I've been looking for horse related dinnerware for a while.
The problem is that none of it is economical.
I really like this:

But a place setting for 4 people is over $400.00 and as I've been searching, I find that is actually not bad expense wise compared to others. The serving dishes are available separately.

I also found this one:

But it doesn't have any additional place settings available such as platters and serving dishes etc.
We had ordered something similar to this:

and we ordered an 8 place setting with additional serving dishes and canisters and a cookie jar etc. Basically everything we would need. But the company that makes them has become unreliable and the company we purchased them from hasn't been able to provide us with the dishes. So we are still searching. 

I've been looking at these plates:
and these:
and these are really my favorite:
As you can see I have expensive tastes in dinnerware. I still haven't decided which one I'll finally go with and for now we have a set of four plain green stoneware plates that Keith's mom brought from a thrift store in Massachusetts.
So if anyone knows of some really cool looking horse related dinnerware available for sale, please let me know.

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