Friday, December 26, 2014

I really hate

Keith and I bought some furniture to add to the new house, but now all we are doing is fighting with the seller to replace it because it was delivered damaged.

I found this wonderful horse themed furniture with green accents.  Oh boy how can I turn down both green AND horses. LOL. I couldn't, however now all I have is damaged furniture.  They did come in boxes and the boxes appeared undamaged, but as soon as we opened it, we saw this:

The hinges on the door of this cabinet are completely damaged. One hinge is broken in two and the other is ripped out of the wood. but that's not the only damage. the top was almost ripped off and one of the legs is broken.

To get an idea of what it would look like all put together, it should look more like this only with the door in place.
The second cabinet was less damaged. Only a portion of the corner of top was broken.

So it looks a little better and is more easily repaired than the first, but still we received to damaged pieces of furniture and can't get the company to respond to our complaints.
Hopefully the Better Business Bureau will be able to get them to correct the issue and we get a resolution soon.

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  1. that is so unfortunate! What beautiful pieces too! .Hope the step up and do right by you