Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Early Halloween story!

Something happened at work this week that caused quite a stir. Some of our employees are always out in the filed across the county in different areas and occasionally they find things. This time they found an interesting pile of rocks surrounded by bones. There was an obvious cow skull, a deer or elk skull with antlers and some sort of dog or coyote skull. None of that really caused as much of a problem as the small human skull found in the center. The employees took a photo of the scene and brought it back to work to show the rest of us. We ALL said "that looks real" especially compared to the known real ones on either side.  One employee called his father who happened to be a deputy sheriff. The deputy came over and looked at the photo and talked to the two employees who saw it and felt that it was suspicious enough to take the photo back to his boss. The sheriff thought the photo was suspicious enough to get a search warrant for the property.  So they go and search the property and find out that the skull was a fake!

Let me tell you, it was a very anatomically correct looking fake! Unfortunately for privacy reasons I can't show you the photo, but  99% of all the people who saw the photo believed it could be real. The owner of the property where the site was located is not at all happy and called our office screaming that it was all our fault. However we had no control over how the sheriff decided to conduct his investigation of the find. Our employees did their duty in reporting a suspicious object and that was it. The land owner said one of their kids and placed the fake skull there for Halloween one year many years ago.

The moral of the story? Yes there actually is one. If you have an anatomically correct fake human skull that you want to display at Halloween, make sure you pick it up and store it away instead of leaving it out for years at a time to weather and crack like a real one might.


  1. Yikes! not a lot of fun for anyone involved!

  2. Wow. What a story! That's something my daughter would do because of her Aspergers and OCD. She can be very obsessive about grouping things together....and she is fascinated with bones. We actually have an animal boneyeard in our rock garden.

    But in this day and age of serial killers and folks like Jeffrey Dahmer, all suspicious activity like that should probably be investigated.

    Such excitement for your office. Happy Halloween!