Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Riding

So far the weekend has been very good in the riding department. Saturday I decided to see start training my gelding Bright Snow Eagle (AKA Booger Butt). He's had a saddle on several times before, but no one has ever ridden him yet. Well that was until Saturday. He did totally awesome! I stepped right up and we walked calmly around the round pen for about a half an hour. That was it no big deal. He didn't even get worked up or hot or sweaty.  Do these photos even look like this is his first time?

After the ride, Keith wanted better photos of his spots so we led him over to the mounting block so he could stand above him and get the following shots. This first one is his 'Eagle Spot" 

I think it looks like a Native American Eagle Dancer.

And the second one is his petroglyph sheep spot. Compare this

 With a photos of  petroglyphs or drawings of Petroglyphs like this

 or this

 He's roaning out a bit as he ages and his mother was also a roan so I'm really hoping that he doesn't loose at least these two spots. I really like both of them.


  1. What a good boy! Nice to see him focused and settled so quickly .Is that a bitless bridle?

  2. Yes he did exceptionally well. He's a very smart and calm boy. I suppose that any bridle these days without a bit can be defined as a bitless bridle, but technically this one is a side pull with a flat leather noseband instead of a rope noseband.