Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Girl's new saddle

 I had to buy a new saddle because Baby Girl is to wide for all my other saddles. I found this one on E-bay and I really got a nice saddle! It fits her well. I tried it out and rode her for about 45 minutes. You could tell the difference right away. She stumbled less and she didn't swish and flick her tail in pain and irritation, even her canter was slower and more controlled. I'm really happy that the saddle fits her well. I will have to find a new set of stirrups that are shorter because the leathers are just a touch to long for my short legs. I've got the leathers all the way on the last hole and still need about an inch shorter. I found this stirrup maker online called Nettles Country and I called them today. They make what they call a "petite" stirrup that is shorter then a normal stirrup so I'm going to have them make me a set. 


  1. Cool, Anna. who makes that saddle?

  2. Very nice! comfortable for her and you ,or as soon as you get the stirrups sorted out

  3. Suzanne, I looked all over and could not find a makers mark except on one of the billets which I suspect was a replacement because the lining of that one doesn't match exactly all the rest. That had a stamp with B. Meal Ruidoso NM on it. The saddle for sure had to have been a custom saddle it's not your ordinary off the shelf factory type saddle.

  4. Nice saddle. Looks comfy. And cool that it's a locally made saddle, too.
    I've never had issues with stuff being too long. I always have trouble finding anything long enough. lol!