Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Riding

Sunday was another good riding day. Keith helped me build a couple of obstacles around the house and then Keith saddled up Ladybug and I saddled up Baby Girl. We did some obstacle practice. I didn't get any photos of anything except the obstacle themselves.

The big scary tarp obstacle was first. I placed mine so part of the blue and part of the brown shows face up. That way the horses won't get used to only one color. 

We worked on the picking up the slicker and carrying it from place to place around the outside of the round pen.

We tried the pick up a hat from the horses back obstacle for the first time. Keith had this really old hat that's been a bit beat up and ready to be retired in my opinion that he agreed to let me use for this training. it worked out really well and neither Baby Girl or Ladybug were bothered much by the hat flapping around near their face.

We hung up a bunch of baling twine for the "Vine simulation" obstacle.  This didn't bother either of the girls at all Even though this was also a brand new obstacle. You have to look really hard at the photo to see all the baling twine strings but they are there.

We also worked on the log drag. I'm using a light weight log for the moment for the horses to get used to the feel and sounds of something dragging behind  them. I'm also practicing having them back up while facing the log.

Finally I've been using my "recycled" old front porch steps as a mounting block as part of the practice for mount and dismount obstacles at the ACTHA events. They like to see you use some sort of mounting assistance either a mounting block or rock or other natural rise. So we've been practicing that also. 

After a bit of practicing, we then went out on a trail ride around the neighbors property and practices a few other natural obstacles Like backing up hill and weaving though trees. It was a great day!

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  1. Looks like good ecerises for any horse whether or not you are competing. I think Johnnie would have liked your steps better than the mounting block, but he got the hang of it quick