Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy week

I acquired a new duck this week. Quackers the one in the back in this photo, was a kids pet duck but they had to give her up. Quackers easily found several new friends her at the farm.This cute little Muscovy hen helped introduce Quackers to the new pen.

The garden has been growing and growing. I've been over-run with squash this week. I gave away 4 early in the week to a friend and then walked out the back door and harvest 7 more. Later in the week I gave away another 4 squash and got home and harvested another 7. Seems I never could catch up until today. Finally got the time to crank out the canning. I first made sweet pickle relish with the squash and then made bread and butter squash pickles. I got 6 pints of relish and 7 pints of pickles.

That is on top of the original 5 pints of squash pickle spears that I canned a couple weeks back. So I think I'll have pickles for quite a while.


  1. I had no idea you could make pickles from squash. I thought that was done only with cucumbers and garden pickles. How awesome!
    If you had my kidlets over they could empty out quite a fe of your pickles stash for sure. They love pickles.

    I'm waiting for my apples to ripen and then I'll be harvesting some apples soon.


  2. Wow , lots of goodies there! I have made relish from squash , but not sliced pickles , l they look good , do they stay fairly crunchy?

  3. Fern, Yes the Pickles so far have stayed relatively crunchy. The Dill pickle spears were by far the most crunchy because it was packed raw and only cooked in the water bath processing. The Sliced bread and butter style were cooked for about 10 minutes before being packed and processed so they are not quite as crunchy, but still not bad.

    Lisa, You can pickle most anything including your peaches and other fruits. If you want any recipes let me know I've got quite a few good ones.