Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Bye and Hello

No this is not a really sad goodbye. In fact it's quite a good good bye. Roany pony moved closer to her little boy so he can see her more often! It's kind of sad because Roany is such a good little pony that she will be missed up here. Also I will miss seeing Christopher improve in his riding skills since he'll be riding more there at the new place and not up here where I can see him all the time.

So we packed up all her things; feed, feeders and water tub.

And loaded her up in the trailer. She's so good she walks right in ready to go.
And drove her to her new home.

Then she got settled into her new pen while we unloaded all the stuff.

This whole move was a surprise to her boy.  He didn't know anything about it until his mom took him for a drive.

Then he had to check out her new pen.

And help give her a good brushing.
 So for us it's good bye Roany and for Christopher, it's Hello!

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  1. Good luck to Roany and your nephew , here's to many years of the joy of horses