Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden updates

Well that's just the corn and tomatoes. Kind of looks like a little jungle there HUH? The garlic is hiding on the other side of the corn and it's pretty close to needing to be harvested.

Below is some of the swiss chard and the onions. those are the Egyption walking onions. Let me tell you even if you have a BLACK thumb, these things will grow and grow and grow and grow. Anyone want any? I cleared that onion bed out two years ago and gave a lot away but look at how full it is again.  I've also been harvesting the swiss chard regularly and have frozen quite a bit.

This is the squash row. There is the dark green zucchini, yellow squash and a light green variety of zucchini. I've been harvesting nearly daily off these. I also have a tiny little armenian cucumber still surviving at one end of the squash row. Hope to have some cucumbers soon also.

Pretty sunflowers that look like they might start blooming soon.

Here is a part of the harvest. The squash of course is going strong. We also have the broccoli and even some fresh asparagus spears. Can't believe we are getting a second chance this year for asparagus spears. 
And since it's been raining hard for a couple weeks now and especially ruining my weekend riding plans I've been canning.  A week ago I harvested some fresh spearmint and made some mint jelly. My sister tried it an her response was "It tastes like Gum" lol. I added the green food coloring because I like green.
And this weekend I had a lot of beets to put up. Keith had never had pickled beets until recently at my sisters house. Now suddenly he really likes them, so I made him some pickled beets. I sort of modified some different recipes and added in my walking onion bulbs and some dehydrated dill leaves all from the garden.


  1. I don't have a garden ,but my neighbor has a huge market type garden, and always brings me goodies for helping her with her horses. I will be pickling beets this year as she planted an extra row for her MIL who has decided she doesn't want them now.Her loss my gain

  2. Beets are my most disliked veggie. Ick! It all stems from visiting a Russian Restaurant in Chicago for a 6 course meal. But every single course includes beets. And usually they are the signature course. The parts I liked the most were when they brought us a half of a lemon filled with lemon sorbet between each course, to refresh the pallete...I needed a lot of refresing after eating all those beets. bleh!