Monday, August 30, 2010

Ride Photos!

The ride was great! Loved it, but I've got one thing to say to all you Appaloosa owners in New Mexico: WHERE ARE YOU? Again Ladybug was the ONLY appaloosa marked horse at the ride. Two out of three events Ladybug is the only appaloosa. The third event was an un-registered bought at a sale without papers Appaloosa gelding. Did you know that the NMApHC could host a ride to bring in income to the Club? Did you realize that ACTHA covers the basic liability insurance for the ride? Did you know that even if you host an all breed show, you can set special additional awards such as the high point Appaloosa for the event? 

For those of you who want to see the saddle and matching tack here's the best photo. 
I usually avoid taking photos of "The Beast", but it appears that someone got it in the shot at the ride. 
So below beware "The Beast" is there.

 The first obstacle of the day was a mount.  If you can't pass that one well not much use in going out on a ride in the first place.

The second obstacle was  a trot over branches in the path stopping before the branch with the fake lizards and then tun and back away from them and then continue on down the trail. The next photos are of us trotting up to the fake lizards. You can see them in the last photo the bright pink and lime green ones.

I don't know if any one got any other photos, but the rest of the obstalces went like this:

#3 A noise obstacle. They popped a balloon from a few ft away and the horse was to remain calm and in the circle. Bug lifted her head a bit and looked towards the noise, but didn't move a foot.

#4 Ride down a ditch stop at the bottom turn and walk through a pair of trees. Totally easy for the Bug.

#5 Walk up a rocky hill in a calm quiet manner. Another totally easy one for the Bug!

#6 Open a gate and ride though. Those in pleasure only had to open while open had to close it also. We did OK. We completed the obstacle, but that is still one I've got to work on.

#7 Back a circle around a tree. Pretty easy not as smooth as some of the others as we had to stop and reposition the hind end a few times. But overall pretty good.

#8 Safe Dismount without using your left arm.

We got back into camp not long after the Dismount and let the horses enjoy a good drink from those water tanks on Loan from "The Feed Bin" of Santa Fe.


  1. Thanks for sharing the obstacle details. Sounds like fun. Great photos of you and Bug.

  2. great pics, enjoyed reading, one question, how do you do a safe dismount without using both hands. I guess i would fail at that one.