Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gardening and Canning updates.

The garden has been doing really well with all the rains. I've been busy harvesting and storing the vegetables left and right. At one point I had an entire sink full of swiss chard and beet greens that I combined and froze. 

I've also had a summer squash overload. I have yellow crook neck squash, light green zucchini and a dark green zucchini. I had so much that even after giving some away, I still had enough to make 5 pints of squash pickles.

I also harvested more than 60 heads of garlic so I'll be giving some away, pickling some and saving some to plant later this fall. 

 All this rain has really helped the garden and I'm hoping we get quite a few more harvests over the up coming weeks.


  1. Looks wonderful, I can't let my sister know you had all that swiss chard , she loves it ! She would probably be offering you a trade for my dun filly! LOL she REALLLY loves Swiss Chard

  2. LOL Fern, I'd really seriously take your sister up on that trade!. I just harvested another round of chard. Got 3 one gallon bags of fresh leaves full.

  3. Mmmm swiss chard and garlic. Is there anything more tasty than crusty warm bread buttered with olive oil and warm roasted garlic?
    That swiss chard would make the perfect accompaniment.