Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Really great training week

So far the week has started off really well. I'm doing some final tune up practice rides to get ready for this weekends ACTHA competitive trail ride. Yesterday I took Ladybug out and we practiced some water crossings and some going up and down hills and backing and walking in and around the neighbors cattle. 

Today we stayed closer to home and practiced tarp crossings. My tarp is blue on one side and brown on the other. I folded it partly so that some blue and some brown showed. Then we practiced walking across it.  I got out my bright yellow slicker and my dark brown Aussie oilskin coat to practice carrying the slicker. I also tried something new this time. I hadn't had Ladybug drag anything before so we started small with a really small log and we got used to the dragging from the ground first before I mounted up and had Ladybug drag the log. 

Two days in a row and Ladybug is doing awesome especially after coming off a 3 week lay up due to the heavy rains and bad lightning we have had in the recent past. You just HAVE to love a horse that you can pull out of the pasture after three weeks of no riding and just go on like it was yesterday!  

We will still be working on a few things and some more final tune ups before this weekend and then Friday it's off to Santa Fe for Ladybug and I while Keith stays to feed the rest of the crew.


  1. Ladybug sounds like she is doing well.I love that kind of horse . My Johnnie is like that , he can sit for 1 day a month or 6 months and is the same good boy every ride.Good luck in the competition

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