Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Booger Butt and Baby Girl

Baby Girl (AKA Hobo's Dream Girl) is having fun playing in the arena. And then we added Booger Butt to the mix and he got the place happening! Baby Girl is ready to start her saddle training this year. Booger Butt is my home bred baby and he turns two this year.His registered name Bright Snow Eagle is still pending with ApHC because I've been slow in sending in the registration papers. He needs a good bath, but it's still to cold for that yet with snow still present under the trees and on the north side of buildings.


  1. Gorgeous! both of them ,I like "booger butt"

  2. Hi Anna,
    Great looking horses. Your pictures remind me of where I'm at in Wyoming.
    I created a new page on my blog (Favorite Authors) I addedd your link. If you don't want it there let me know and I'll remove it.

  3. Thanks Glenna, That's fine with me. Glad you like the Blog.

  4. I love the nickname "Booger Butt"! That's too funny!