Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christopher's New Saddle

My sister went into the saddle shop to get her saddle fixed in the spots where it was coming un sewn. It was going to cost quite a bit of money, so she figured she would be able to just buy Christopher a new saddle with that amount of money and she was right. The saddle guy had a new cordura kids saddle right there at the shop. He still needs his little dude stirrups for a while until his legs grow long enough to reach in the new saddle.
Lil' Dude Stirrups by Weaver 

So he had to come try his new saddle and stirrups out on the Roany pony. 

Jazzy dog wore herself out walking and running around alongside and Roany pony really didn't care.

After the ride Christopher petted Roany and thanked her for the ride then he helped pick up the eggs and checked out the ducks and turkeys.

And If you look closely you see that everyone is honoring the Irish with the "Wearin O' the Green" even Roany pony! The Irish love their horses, so what better way to spend St. Patrick's Day afternoon then on a horse?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. He is such a cute little tyke! Roany pony looks to be a doll! thanks for sharing.

  2. I forgot about stirrup buddies! I had a couple sets here for my neices andnephews . I wonder if I still do