Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Projects

This red shawl is worked in crochet. It's a simple double crochet the entire way, but the yarn itself makes the beautiful patterns in it. I've got it almost finished and I really like the way the yarn worked up for this one.

My current knitting project is a  lacy shawl. I had a couple different types of yarns that needed some thing else to make them look awesome.  I started with this verigated cotton yarn from Ironstone Yarns. It's an eye lash type yarn and it's not easy to crochet with so I decided to put it on the knifty knitter and combine it with
this yarn that I got in a box of yarns in an E-bay auction. 

And I found a really lacy pattern in this pattern book
Knifty Knitter Bk #2-

and this is the result so far for the shawl. 

I'm really having fun with this knifty knitter loom. Much more fun then I'm having with the knitting needles. I'm about ready to get rid of all the knitting needles and just keep these knitting looms for anything I want to knit. I"m thinking about getting a very fine gauge loom so that I can learn to knit socks. I crocheted a pair of socks and they took forever with that tiny yarn and single crochet.

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