Sunday, March 14, 2010

Second Ride

Since I had to break up the round pen to make a pen to put Topper in, Christopher had to take his Roany pony to the big arena. I'm totally bummed though because about half of my photos came out  really blurry and almost unrecognizable.  Anyway Christopher had fun.
 He had to stop and pet his Roany pony.

 Then he decided to share and let his Aunt Anna (me) ride for a few minutes.


  1. Yea This little mare is pretty special. She was a quick pick due to her previous situation and WOW she's awesome. She knows the difference between a baby who doesn't know how to ride and a rider that does know how to ride. When either my sister or I get on her to ride. she moves out smartly and easily, gives a few frisky moves and neck reins like a dream. But when Christopher gets on she plods along very gently.

  2. Looks like Christopher is having a lovely time! Such a pretty pony! Have a great week. Ros

  3. Thanks for visiting....looks like spring has arrived for you! Powerrific is absolutely stunning - I would choose him too! I'll be visitng again! Always fun to see the little people riding...

  4. The Roanie Pony...I love it! And the photos are precious. She reminds me of my Apache. She's also sensitive to the type of rider that gets on her back and stops if her little rider loses their balance and plods alog very slowly and carefully.
    That's a horse worth it's weight in gold, don't you agree?