Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow we have to go get "The Money Pit" from the other place she's been for the past month and bring her home. We will be putting her in a pen we made by breaking the round pen apart so she can share space next to Christopher's Roany pony. Her cut is healing but is much better. She still needs to be kept in a separate pen that is drier then the mud in the pasture for a while though.

Christopher may also be over some time this weekend for another ride. We will have to haul a bit of hay this weekend.  I also need to get over to the Home Depot and get some better soil for the raised bed gardens I'm going to add this year. 

I'm also hoping that the weather stays really nice for the weekend but I do think we have another storm floating in soon. Starting next week I will have more time for riding, gardening and even working on my knit and crochet projects because I finally quit my second job. No more 12 hour days 3 days out of the week. I liked the job helping teach people to learn to read and to learn to speak English, but the hours are a killer and I really didn't have much time to really work with the horses. For a while after Hobo's death I did loose interest in the horses temporarily, but with Dream Girl hitting three this year and ready to start riding, I've got a sudden and strong desire to start riding and specifically HER!  So I'm making time for the horses and for me again. 


  1. Sound like you have lots on the go,glad the "money pit " is on the mend.Looking forward to pics of you riding your filly!

  2. I almost never get photos of me riding my horses because 99% of the time I'm riding alone. I'll have to work on getting some one else to take some photos of me and Baby girl though.