Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breeding Wish List

I know one should not choose a stallion solely based on color, but I do have such a weakness for the dun gene colored horses that I always look for dun based breeding stock.  This year while surfing around I found a couple horses that not only have the color genetics, they also have a resume of performance and pedigree behind them. So on to my breeding wish list go the following stallions.

Secret Mr Barreed  is standing at Spotted Rump Ranch and is a GOLD Medallion earner. ApHC issues "Medallions" for a horse earning points in different categories of showing. There are a total of 4 Categories where a horse can earn a Medallion in.
1. Racing
2. Distance competition ( ie Endurance or Competitve trail)
3. Halter
4. Show performance events (almost everything from Western Pleasure to Sidesaddle to Hunter Classes etc)

To win one medallion, a horse has to earn a specific number of points in a single category. Your first medallion is a Bronze, the second a Silver, the third is gold and the last is Diamond. There are not many horses who have been able to earn either Gold or Diamond Medallions.  Secret Mr Barred has earned a Gold and has competed in all categories except racing. This versatility plus his color and conformation have bumped him to the top of my breeding wish list. 

Hey Hollywood is still showing and won't be available for breeding until the 2011 breeding season, but he's got a great start on his performance earnings. I do like his pedigree and his performance so far. He's on my list for future possibilities. I'll be keeping an eye on him for sure.

It also turns out that Hey Hollywood's sire  Dial A Challenge is also still standing at stud. And he's got the color, performance, looks and pedigree to show. And since he's already produced one of my Breeding wish list picks, he also gets to go on the wish list.

Poweriffic would be on my wish list just cause he's SOOO pretty, but he's also earned performance points and produced foals who have also earned points. He's been on my breeding wish list for quite a while now. I think he and Topper  are the perfect match.Poweriffic, just holds my attention when I see him. Topper is now getting to the age I might consider breeding her and Power's the first stallion I want to try with her.

Anyway that's my breeding wish list. One day one of these matches might just happen, but not this year. It's only a dream for this year.


  1. Oh boy! they are some nice ones .I have to go through my appy magazines and find the dun that I fell in love with ,can't for the life of me think of his name right now (guess I thought it was a long shot) when I find him I will post the link
    Dun with a blanket and spots , just stunning

  2. You've certainly done your homework. Now only are they nice looking, but they're good performers too. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on the color of the foal.

  3. Yea I know there are no guarantees on color. I've done my homework on that as well. I'm choosing Dun stallions to breed to my Dun mares to increase the odds of getting Dun horses. My mare Topper is heterozygous for dun with only one dun parent. Ladybug we don't know if she's homozygous because both her parents were Dun. I haven't had the Dun gene testing done on her yet because of the fact that it's a new test and not as accurate yet. Baby Girl is also heterozygous because one parent was not a dun. However by breeding dun to dun (taking into account all other factors as well) I can increase the odds that one or both sides will transmit a dun gene to the intended foals.

    Additionally with genetic testing these days we can pretty much guarantee certain colors if we know all the right genetics. Knowing the color genetic make up of the horses you are breeding can help you get closer to the colors you are looking for.

    That is why I look for performance horses of a specific color. I look for the whole package to find the right color and performance combination I'd like to have. That is also why I don't have many foals at all. Because finding the right combination is not always easy.

  4. After I posed that I know there are not "guarantees on color" I knew that was partly wrong. I should have said there are SOME guarantees on color no matter what. For example a Red horse bred to a red horse will ALWAYS produce a red horse. So that one is a guarantee on color. A horse that tests positive for a homozygous color gene will always pass on that color gene. For example a homozygous black horse will always pass on a black gene and the foal will be a black based horse.
    Places that do color genetics testing like
    Will help horse owners make more informed about their own horses color genetics and their potential breeding choices.

    I will say again, breeding for color alone is not a good breeding practice, but by becoming familiar with color genetics and DNA testing results, a breeder can find quality horses and selectively breed for a color choice and have much better results towards the color choice they want all while maintaining a quality breeding program.

  5. They are good looking and it's nice that they have some training and showing/performance experience, too.
    Is Poweriffic standing on a hill or is his croup really that high. He looks odd like that and not comfortable to ride without a built up pad to level out his topline.
    I hope your breeding dreams come true.


  6. Lisa,
    Yea looking at that particular photo of Poweriffic, He does look really downhill, but I do think it's that photo because when you go to the website and see other views, he really doesn't look that same way.