Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Odd Couple

I turned Topper and Roany out in the arena for a run while cleaning their pens. They had fun. I didn't have as much fun cleaning pens though. Roany is a very messy pony. She poops EVERYWHERE and I mean it. That whole pen was dirty from one end to the other. Topper on the other hand is the neat freak horse. She poops as close to the same spot as possible all the time. When we had her down at the other stable, the lady had a compost pile going in the corner of her large pen. We kept Topper in that pen for the last two weeks she was there. Not one single time did we have to clean the pen.  There was not one single pile out of place, it was ALL deposited on that compost pile directly by Topper.   Topper's cut is still healing, but is much better. She's got her full coverage combo sport boots on to help protect her from re injuring herself.
I really wish I had these ones in Green here, but we got blah brown. instead. Maybe I'll get a set in green for the Baby Girl,  she'll really look good in green, ( PS If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a total green freak.)
Perfomers 1st Choice Combo Combination Boots, Hunter Green, Large

Anyway enjoy the photos. And the challenge is to find the Jabba the Hut Rock Face in the photos!


  1. I kinda got too busy/wrapped up in the pretty horse to see the face.Oh well that Topper is a pretty girl!

  2. Well if you look closer at the last few photos you might find that face.