Monday, March 22, 2010

Jazzy Dog

One year ago in April, this sickly looking, starved and previously injured dog showed up at my house. Her leg had been broken and re-healed without being set causing her to not be able to bend her back leg. She was so hungry she ate a bunch of the green grass around my yard and then promptly threw it all back up.  We let Jazzy hang around and got her fixed and got her vaccinations. As she filled out and got stronger, it was obviously that she could get around very well even with her frozen back leg.  Here is is after just one week here eating good food. 

And almost a year later, she's out running around while we lead Roany.
So when you hear me talk about the Jazzy Dog, this is her, the rescued stray  that may be a Boxer, Pit Bull, Lab cross? That is what she looks like to me. She has the deep chest and wasp waist of a Boxer and she uses her front paws a lot like a Boxer. She loves to retrieve like a lab and she has the head of a pit bull. Anyway she's sweet and smart and amazingly was well trained sometime in her past. It's not a regular occurance in these parts to find a starved and abused stray that was well house trained.


  1. When I saw the first pictures I teared up. After reading the story and seeing her progress I smiled. Great of you to rescue and help to heal her.

  2. What a pretty dog! so glad she found a safe home with you

  3. Thanks, Jazzy's a pretty special dog.